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The International Scooter Association is a not for profit organisation established in 2011 to promote, develop and create a sustainable future for the sport of scooter riding. The ISA is made up of riders, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, skateparks, organisers, media and those involved in the scooter industry. All members bring knowledge, experience and value to all scooter matters and activity. The ISA is not a competition organiser; it’s role is to co-ordinate, recognise, govern and develop an equal playing field for entire sport to benefit from. The ISA is dedicated to the development of the sport worldwide, on all levels from grassroots to pro level.


The ISA aims to:

  • Promote the interests and safety of riders at all levels
  • Establish rules, judging criteria, point scoring, standards and rankings
  • Set competition formats & point systems for conducting international scooter contests
  • Co-ordinate National and International activities and contests.
  • Work towards ensuring Freestyle Scooter Riding becomes recognized as an official sport
  • Promote the values of good sportsmanship.
  • Promote all aspects of the sport, improving cultural and sporting contacts between the
    scooter communities.
  • Work towards the inclusion of Scooter riding into multi-sports events.
  • The ISA Championship is split into 3 regions; Europe, North America and Australasia.
  • Each region has 5 qualifying events.
  • The winner of each qualifying event receives a Golden Ticket which grants them a place in the world final.
  • The next 10 riders from each qualifying event (places 2nd – 11th) secure a place in the regional final. So each regional final has 50 riders.
  • The top 10 riders from the regional final go through to the world final.
  • They join the 5 Golden Ticket riders, meaning there are 15 riders from each region in the world final.
  • 5 additional places in the world final are reserved for Wildcards. These are given out for special reasons, for example, the current world champion receives one.
  • A minimum of 3 judges are required for regional qualifiers unless otherwise stated by the
    organizer (who may adopt for a 5 judging panel).
  • A 5 judging panel is compulsory for the regional and world finals.
  • When running a 5 judge panel only the 3 middle scores are calculated meaning the highest
    and lowest scores are dropped from the overall calculation.
  • Judges scores are marked from 1 to 100 based upon the ISA judging criteria.

Judges will be looking at:

  • The difficultly of tricks
  • Diversity of the run – showing a variety of tricks and using the park to its full capability with varied or original lines.
  • Consistency – points are deducted for crashes, foot slips and sketchy lands.
  • Style – Landing cleanly, riding confidently, making tricks look easy and effortless and showing originality.

A full PDF of the International Scooter Associations rules and regulation can be found here:

Rules and regulations PDF


Martin Kimbell
Martin KimbellDirector of Operations
Martin lives in the UK and has been involved in the scooter scene for over 16 years. He was one of the few riders who pioneered the sports in the early 2000s, later becoming a pro level rider for Micro Xtreme, and winning the 2007 Montreux Scooter Competition in both street and mini ramp. He no longer rides and over the past few years he has been involved in the sport working as a photographer, a team manager for Razor, and as a judge at almost every major UK competition.

Martin has played a part in helping the ISA develop the judging criteria and standards since 2012.

Phil Grice
Phil GriceChairman
Phil first discovered scooter riding in 2010 through his involvement within the action sports industry. Having shown an enthusiasm towards scooter riding and a passion to help the sport, it wasn’t long before he became known within the scooter industry. In 2011 an opportunity arose that would see Phil set up the ISA and start to pull the sport together.

Over the past 5 years Phil has worked with hundreds of businesses and riders to oversee 5 world championships. This has helped in uniting the sport and exposing it to millions of people worldwide.

Phil is the chairman of the association and responsible to supporting and developing the board.

Terry Price
Terry PriceDirector of Communications
Terry lives in the UK and has been involved in scooter riding for well over 16 years. An internationally recognised rider and OG of the sport. Terry continues to ride but no longer competes in competitions. Over the last few years his involvement has been mainly as a General Manager/Team Manager for Madd Gear. However, in more recent times Terry now just rides for Madd Gear and has started to pursue his own business projects such as YOLOWARRIOR®

Terry has also played a part in helping the ISA develop the judging criteria and standards since 2012, in fact Terry was in the very first meeting back in 2011 before the ISA was even set up. Since then Terry has attended ISA meetings and has repeatedly expressed interest in doing more for the ISA.