The International Scooter Association today announces Action Space as a title sponsor of the ISA. The 3-year deal is the biggest of its kind for the international scooter governing body and starts with immediate effect. The partnership marks yet another milestone in the remarkable history of scooter riding and is a testament to the progression of the sport, riders and ISA.

Action Space is the perfect partner for the ISA. The social magazine covers roughly forty different extreme sports and has a huge audience reach in the millions. Action Space has declared a goal to support the ISA and sport, improving the recognition of scooter brands, competitions, events and riders.

The deal will see significant investment into the promotion of the World Scooter Championships and sanctioned activity, which includes the promotion of events, brands and riders. The partnership is designed to help increase participation of existing riders at events and to also encourage new riders into the sport. Furthermore, over the 3-year agreement Action Space will provide a significant increase in rider prize-money for the ISA World Scooter Championship winners. This will be added onto the amount already paid at the World Finals by the event organizers.

For well over 10 years, Scooter riding has been one of the fastest growing wheeled sports in the world. It is a young and dynamic sport that has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. With partnerships like this and with many more exciting opportunities on the horizon, the sport can look forward to many more exciting years ahead.

Action Space has its social magazine which can be found their Instagram account: @action_space

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