Last week there were some public announcements on social media regarding a new world ranking system. To be transparent and avoid any confusion, we advise that the ISA knew nothing about this prior to the announcements. The ISA has not recognised any new world ranking structure.

Due to Covid-19 causing safety concerns and global disruption with international travel, the 2020 ISA World Scooter Championships were cancelled. The main reasons for this decision were based on the safety and welfare of the scooter community. Furthermore, the ISA needed to ensure equal opportunity for riders to participate and this could not be guaranteed this year.

The ISA will be able to advise of plans for 2021 in the near future and can advise that:

  • The World Scooter Championships will continue to be inclusive and will involve more countries, riders, skateparks and events
  • Supports grassroots and pro level riding
  • More disciplines will be recognised – park, big air, street, flat, vert, downhill are all disciplines that require support
  • Our structure is further adapting to be in line with the requirements needed to be recognised by organisations who govern and recognise sport

Since the ISA was formed in 2011, our objective has been to legitimize scooter riding as a sport. We are a not-for-profit organisation that develops standards, rankings and co-ordinates the scooter industry, creating partnerships with those that host competitions and specialise in events. This produces the ISA world rankings and champions recognised by the scooter community.

We believe the best chance for scooters to be recognised as a sport and included within all major sporting events including the Olympic Games, is to have an international world ranking, structure and organisation that can be developed by the entire scooter industry and recognised by organisations such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This remains our goal.

The ISA would also like to advise that our organisation encourages riders to participate in all events, activities and to pursue their goals and opportunities. The ISA is working hard to ensure the sport bounces back in a big way for 2021 and we look forward to seeing riders compete in the ISA world scooter championship.

Official Press Release: 26th Oct 2020.

ISA board directors Phil Grice & Terry Price