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Phil Grice first discovered scooter riding in 2009 through his involvement in the action sports industry. Having shown an enthusiasm towards scooter riding and a passion to help the sport develop, it wasn’t long before he became known within the scooter industry. In 2011, Phil Grice took the opportunity of setting up the International Scooter Association (ISA) and started a mission to legitimise the sport, setting up the first ever World Scooter Championship in 2012. Since then, Phil Grice has been constantly promoting scooters, uniting the sport, creating opportunities and developing international standards. He has worked with hundreds of businesses and riders to oversee multiple world scooter championships, which has provided riders with a world stage to develop their skills and showcase their sport to millions of people worldwide. Discover more about the ISA and team via the About Page.
2 08, 2021

Charlotte Worthington – Scooter Rider to BMX Olympic Gold Medallist


Charlotte Worthington: Scooter Rider to BMX Olympic Gold Medallist If anyone needed proof that scooter riding provides solid foundations for young athletes to enter sport and progress onto big things, well, here is another prime example. Not only has scooter riding played a major part in the astonishing career of action sports superstar, Ryan Williams, a 3 times X-Games BMX World Champion. We now witness the incredible achievement of former scooter rider, Charlotte Worthington, an Olympic gold medallist in BMX. From Riding a Scooter and Developing Skills In her teens, Charlotte Worthington was a keen [...]

Charlotte Worthington – Scooter Rider to BMX Olympic Gold Medallist2021-08-03T17:39:16+01:00
17 07, 2021

ISA World Scooter Championship Dates 2021


ISA SCOOTER CHAMPIONSHIP DATES 2021 The following dates have now been made public for the ISA world scooter championships 2021. SAVE THE DATES European Scooter Championships: 2nd and 3rd October Australasian Scooter Championships: 16th and 17th October North American Scooter Championships: 30th and 31st October World Scooter Championships: 4th and 5th December Venues and locations will be announced soon. See Key Plans and Objectives Post regarding what to expect - Click Here BIG NEWS TO FOLLOW REGARDING THE VENUES AND LOCATIONS FREE SIGN UP

ISA World Scooter Championship Dates 20212021-07-18T10:40:04+01:00
14 07, 2021

International Scooter Association Partners DIVERTsessions


International Scooter Association Partners DIVERTsessions The International Scooter Association is pleased to partner DIVERTsessions in the pursuit of getting more people active and involved in Action Sports. Their mission is to make the Action Sports Lifestyle more accessible to everyone, especially underserved youth and underserved communities so anyone can be empowered. Additionally, to support youth development and DIVERT their attention away from negative influences and towards a positive, supportive, welcoming community of creative doers in the Action Sports Lifestyle. DIVERTsessions, opened their 45,000SF Action Sports & Creative Park on Saturday, June 26th at the MainPlace Mall in Santa [...]

International Scooter Association Partners DIVERTsessions2021-07-23T18:49:18+01:00
14 07, 2021

Global Scooter Infrastructure – National Governing Bodies


An open letter was written to National Sports Governing Bodies and organizations by ISA scooter president, Phil Grice, inviting support for the development of scooter athletes and the sport of scooter riding. Dear Governing Bodies, Thank you for all the work that you do to support athletes and the development of sport. It can often be a thankless task. However, the importance of hard work, good governance, structure and unity has a huge positive impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide. As with all sports, there is immense potential and benefits to all those that [...]

Global Scooter Infrastructure – National Governing Bodies2021-07-15T08:35:48+01:00
9 07, 2021

ISA Outlines Key Plans and Objectives


ISA Outlines Key Plans and Objectives Since 2011, the International Scooter Association has been supporting the development of scooter riding. An international governing body for scooter sport and a global advocate for scooter riding. To provide transparency and direction, the ISA has outlined key plans and objectives. KEY PLANS AND OBJECTIVES ISA Championships: The sports 9th official world scooter championships are happening. For 2021, the ISA has altered the qualification structure to have 3 regional opens (Oct) and a world championship final (3rd – 5th Dec). The championship builds upon previous years and further supports National Governing Bodies (NGBs) [...]

ISA Outlines Key Plans and Objectives2021-07-18T10:50:57+01:00
15 06, 2021

World Scooter Championship 2021


9th Official World Scooter Championship The ISA is pleased to announce that the 9th Official World Scooter Championship is happening! The world scooter championships were first launched in 2012 by the International Scooter Association. Since then the scooter championship has produced approximately 200 scooter events and witnessed thousands of scooter riders competing around the world. The dedicated scooter world stage will once again bring together the world’s best scooter riders to push the limits and showcase this amazing sport to the world. Due to covid, the ISA has made some essential changes to the structure for 2021 but is excited to announce it [...]

World Scooter Championship 20212021-06-15T19:02:04+01:00
14 05, 2021

All-Round Champion Season 5 – TV Show


All-Round Champion Season 5Need to act fast - deadline is this Monday!The Casting Producer for All-Round Champion Season 5 has contacted the ISA. They are currently searching for elite youth athletes (US and Canadian, ages 11-15 years old) who are the top athlete in their sport to compete for the title of All-Round Champion!  They have featured skateboarders, inliners and BMXers in the past but this time around, they are looking for incredible Scooter athletes!Two male and two female athletesAged 11 - 15 years oldApplication must be completed by Monday 17th MayIf one of your riders apply, then please let us know and we will contact the [...]

All-Round Champion Season 5 – TV Show2021-05-14T15:42:35+01:00
15 02, 2021

Industry News 2021


INDUSTRY NEWS If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that you never know what's around the corner. But will that stop us from looking ahead? No. It's crucial for the ISA to always be proactive and to keep pushing forward and making impartial decisions favouring the longevity and development of the sport. We learnt a lot from last year and head into 2021 with big plans and new exciting opportunities. Here is a quick update and overview of things to expect this year Stay safe and take it easy! Phil Grice ISA President [...]

Industry News 20212021-02-23T09:34:33+00:00
9 12, 2020

Olympic Games Continues To Support Youth and Urban Sports


Olympic Games Continues To Support Youth and Urban Sports Even though the number of sports at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games has been reduced from 339 to 329 sports, the youth and urban sport concept have been expanded. Skateboarding, Breaking, Surfing and Climbing have all been confirmed. This is welcoming news for action sports and the scooter industry. IOC Olympic Games - Events and youth-focused approach In the post-COVID-19 world, the overall number of events will be reduced from 339 to 329 compared to Tokyo 2020. Only four sports proposed by the Paris 2024 Organising Committee [...]

Olympic Games Continues To Support Youth and Urban Sports2021-07-16T18:10:45+01:00
8 12, 2020

DIVERT marketing opportunity


Dear Brand Members, I have been contacted by Zach Adamson from DIVERT who is launching a 6-month pop-up activation in Los Angeles next year to promote engagement in action sports. They will be including scooters as part of the project and looking to encourage young people into the sport. The ISA is happy to support them with information on safety, how to get involved at local skateparks and events etc. However, there are also a number of marketing opportunities that may be of interest to you. I have attached further information in the member's portal area or click here to [...]

DIVERT marketing opportunity2020-12-08T21:53:28+00:00
26 10, 2020

Announcement about ISA World Ranking


Last week there were some public announcements on social media regarding a new world ranking system. To be transparent and avoid any confusion, we advise that the ISA knew nothing about this prior to the announcements. The ISA has not recognised any new world ranking structure. Due to Covid-19 causing safety concerns and global disruption with international travel, the 2020 ISA World Scooter Championships were cancelled. The main reasons for this decision were based on the safety and welfare of the scooter community. Furthermore, the ISA needed to ensure equal opportunity for riders to participate and this could not [...]

Announcement about ISA World Ranking2020-10-26T17:36:06+00:00
25 09, 2020

Safety Membership is now live


The ISA is pleased to announce that we have opened up a new membership for those that specialise in safety. The ISA safety members will play a vital role in helping the ISA develop a safer sport for the riders. Together, the ISA and safety members will create campaigns designed to improve safety, encourage all riders to wear protective gear and to tackle important matters surrounding safety. For further details please visit the safety membership page via the link below www.isascoot.com/safety-membership/ We look forward to working together and raising the safety standards. Kind regards Phil Grice ISA President phil@isascoot.com [...]

Safety Membership is now live2020-09-25T15:58:51+01:00
25 09, 2020

Update: Association Development


Dear Members,

I just wanted to give members a quick update about the association and how we’re focused on developing it, and why we need to!

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Update: Association Development2020-10-13T10:58:15+01:00
14 09, 2020

ISA World Scooter Championship 2019/20 Cancelled


ISA World Scooter Championship 2019/20 Cancelled With the continued health and safety concerns caused by COVID19, the International Scooter Association (ISA) has taken the decision to cancel the 2019/2020 ISA championship season. The decision comes after various consultations with our members, partners, national associations and competition organisers, who share overwhelming concerns about the safety of the riders and scooter community. Additionally, the championships which consist of 27 qualifying events, 3 regional finals and a world championship final could not be guaranteed due to the ongoing challenges such as international travel and government sanctions. In relation specifically to the World [...]

ISA World Scooter Championship 2019/20 Cancelled2020-09-18T14:25:02+01:00
12 09, 2020

Skatepark Membership live


Dear Members,

Just to advise that the ISA has now opened up a skatepark membership. As per previous communications with members, the skatepark membership is designed to work together at finding ways to support riders and increase participation of scooter riding at skateparks. This is an exciting new era for the sport and we look forward to working closely with skateparks [...]

Skatepark Membership live2020-09-24T13:35:09+01:00
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