15 02, 2021

Industry News 2021


INDUSTRY NEWS If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that you never know what's around the corner. But will that stop us from looking ahead? No. It's crucial for the ISA to always be proactive and to keep pushing forward and making impartial decisions favouring the longevity and development of the sport. We learnt a lot from last year and head into 2021 with big plans and new exciting opportunities. Here is a quick update and overview of things to expect this year Stay safe and take it easy! Phil Grice ISA President [...]

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9 12, 2020

Olympic Games Continues To Support Youth and Urban Sports


Olympic Games Continues To Support Youth and Urban Sports Even though the number of sports at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games has been reduced from 339 to 329 sports, the youth and urban sport concept have been expanded. Skateboarding, Breaking, Surfing and Climbing have all been confirmed. This is welcoming news for action sports and the scooter industry. IOC Olympic Games - Events and youth-focused approach In the post-COVID-19 world, the overall number of events will be reduced from 339 to 329 compared to Tokyo 2020. Only four sports proposed by the Paris 2024 Organising Committee [...]

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26 10, 2020

Announcement about ISA World Ranking


Last week there were some public announcements on social media regarding a new world ranking system. To be transparent and avoid any confusion, we advise that the ISA knew nothing about this prior to the announcements. The ISA has not recognised any new world ranking structure. Due to Covid-19 causing safety concerns and global disruption with international travel, the 2020 ISA World Scooter Championships were cancelled. The main reasons for this decision were based on the safety and welfare of the scooter community. Furthermore, the ISA needed to ensure equal opportunity for riders to participate and this could not [...]

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25 09, 2020

Safety Membership is now live


The ISA is pleased to announce that we have opened up a new membership for those that specialise in safety. The ISA safety members will play a vital role in helping the ISA develop a safer sport for the riders. Together, the ISA and safety members will create campaigns designed to improve safety, encourage all riders to wear protective gear and to tackle important matters surrounding safety. For further details please visit the safety membership page via the link below www.isascoot.com/safety-membership/ We look forward to working together and raising the safety standards. Kind regards Phil Grice ISA President phil@isascoot.com [...]

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14 09, 2020

ISA World Scooter Championship 2019/20 Cancelled


ISA World Scooter Championship 2019/20 Cancelled With the continued health and safety concerns caused by COVID19, the International Scooter Association (ISA) has taken the decision to cancel the 2019/2020 ISA championship season. The decision comes after various consultations with our members, partners, national associations and competition organisers, who share overwhelming concerns about the safety of the riders and scooter community. Additionally, the championships which consist of 27 qualifying events, 3 regional finals and a world championship final could not be guaranteed due to the ongoing challenges such as international travel and government sanctions. In relation specifically to the World [...]

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17 08, 2020

World Scooter Champion on Fox News


FOX News Interviews JonMarco Gaydos World Scooter Championship, JonMarco Gaydos was interviewed by Fox News (New York). Filming from JonMarco's home and skatepark, the film crew were amazed at the level of riding and how far the sport has progressed. Fox will be featuring more on scooter riding in the future.   View this post on Instagram   @jonmgaydos was interviewed by Fox News, covering the world champ, ISA and getting to the Olympics one day. The International Scooter Association is supported by the best brands in the scooter industry, please make sure to follow them: [...]

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17 08, 2020

Fox News covering scooter riding


FOX News Covering Scooter Riding Fox News recently attended AZ Grind skatepark. This prime time TV coverage promoted scooter riding, BMX and skateboarding, and the importance of skateparks for young people.   View this post on Instagram   Fox Morning News headed to AZ Grind indoor skatepark in Mesa, Arizona 🇺🇲 to talk about the rising popularity of scooters & skateparks in recent years. great segment to boost the sport! @azgrind_skatepark 🔥 The International Scooter Association is supported by the best brands in the scooter industry, please make sure to follow them: @asmagscooter @grit.scooters @mgp_actionsports @razorworldwide [...]

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1 05, 2020

ISA Skatepark Support Campaign


ISA Skatepark Support Campaign Skateparks are under huge pressure due to the economic effects of Covid-19 virus. These challenges should not be faced alone and the scooter industry is dedicated to supporting skateparks in every way possible! In the video below ISA President, Phil Grice sends a message to skateparks worldwide seeking skateparks to contact the ISA and work together to kick start the industry, when it is possible to do so. The ISA will work with all skateparks which support scooters, and will coordinate the scooter industry and community to support an increase in skatepark participation. In the [...]

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13 03, 2020

POSTPONED – European and North American Championships


POSTPONED – European and North American Championships Due to the continued spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and more and more cities/countries going into lockdown, the ISA has decided to postpone the European and North American Championships until later this year. The virus is now classed by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic, and as the welfare and safety of riders, staff and the entire scooter community is our top priority, it is therefore necessary that the ISA reacts accordingly. […]

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10 03, 2020

ISA World Scooter Championship Finals Postponed


Postponed: ISA World Scooter Championship Finals Due to the growing problem with the coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, we have decided to postpone the 2020 world scooter championship finals to later this year. At this stage, no one is able to predict what the situation will look like in July, e.g., we don't know if certain countries will be restricted from travelling to the UK or if restrictions will be put on certain sized events allowed to take place in the UK. The ISA won’t stop the regional qualifiers; however, the situation will be constantly monitored on a case by case basis [...]

ISA World Scooter Championship Finals Postponed2020-03-10T12:49:13+00:00
31 01, 2020

World Championship Location Announced


World Championship Finals – Venue As you know the ISA world scooter championship location has been announced and will be held at The Copper Box Arena, London, thanks to our partner Action Space. The event will have a custom designed and built scooter park, professional media coverage, seating for big crowds and male, female and junior […]

World Championship Location Announced2020-04-20T23:23:48+01:00
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