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6 05, 2020

Minutes from ISA Board Meeting


Phil and Terry recently had a general board meeting to discuss a number of topics. We wanted to share this with you. Please click below to download the PDF. This is also available in the ISA members portal. DOWNLOAD

Minutes from ISA Board Meeting2020-05-06T22:41:27+01:00
29 04, 2020

Conclusion from skatepark survey


Thank you to those that took the time to provide us feedback regarding the membership tier to support skateparks. Those that didn't respond we presume that you are in support of the idea and would like us to pursue further. Click below to see the responses, minus any personal information. View responses

Conclusion from skatepark survey2020-04-29T20:24:41+01:00
20 04, 2020

Scooter Industry Support for Skateparks


Dear ISA Members,

Please take 15 minutes to review the information below, which covers how the ISA and skateparks can work together to help increase participation in scooter riding. There is a questionnaire at the end.

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Scooter Industry Support for Skateparks2020-04-21T11:55:43+01:00
31 03, 2020

ISA Coronavirus Contingency Plans – Part 1


The following was produced and sent to ISA members and officials on the 12th March 2020. This is part 1 of the ISA Coronavirus Contingency plans. As things have rapidly changed since this date, the ISA will provide members with a part 2, which will follow within the next 48hrs.

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ISA Coronavirus Contingency Plans – Part 12020-03-31T09:27:16+01:00
31 01, 2020

Update – Minutes from ISPO


Dear ISA Members,

ISPO Meetings

Terry and I recently attended the ISPO event in Munich, Germany. We hosted a number of small private meetings with ISA members and wanted to provide some general minutes for your information.

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Update – Minutes from ISPO2020-01-31T02:23:08+00:00
13 01, 2020

ISPO, Germany


Dear ISA Members,

At short notice, Terry and I have decided to attend ISPO, Germany. We had not planned an ISA meeting but if you are attending then please let us know as we’d love to meet up.

Monday 27th – From 2pm
Tuesday 28th – Full Day

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ISPO, Germany2020-02-17T14:36:37+00:00
4 01, 2020

2020 Championship Competition Contacts


We have been releasing the championship dates for 2020 and all the qualifiers and regional finals have been announced. Wilds cards and the world final have also been locked in however have not yet been announced. Terry will announce these ASAP and the spreadsheet will be updated.

You can now download all the contact details for event organisers [...]

2020 Championship Competition Contacts2020-01-23T00:20:06+00:00
27 08, 2019

Action Space Invitational Passes


Dear Members,

Courtesy of Action Space, all ISA members will be entitled to the below passes. HOWEVER, we need to know ASAP who will be attending from each member. I need 2 x full names so I can ensure that they are added to the list.

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Action Space Invitational Passes2020-01-22T23:41:48+00:00
25 06, 2019

ISA Members Only Meeting


Dear Members and Associations,

We will be having an International ISA Members Meeting in Barcelona. This is strictly for ISA members, officials and associations as we will be discussing subjects relating to matters of the association, membership and championship.

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ISA Members Only Meeting2020-02-17T14:37:23+00:00
25 06, 2019

ISA Logo Featuring Action Space


Dear Members,

This is just a reminder to use the below ISA logos, which includes our title sponsor and replaces the old logo. Please use this logo on your website, social media etc.

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ISA Logo Featuring Action Space2020-02-17T14:37:33+00:00
25 06, 2019

Championship Reform



The Championships need to evolve to ensure the riders have the best possible platform to drive the sport forward. Now is the time for input, discussions and suggestions. Phil Grice has provided an insight and suggestions on how to make possitive changes for the sports longivity.

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Championship Reform2020-02-17T14:37:47+00:00
21 05, 2019

Multiviewer by Action Space


Dear Members,
We have an exciting new mobile platform that’s simple & easy-to-use! Our new Multi Viewer by Action Space brings all of our content into one place, including: social feeds, competitions, results & more. However, it is also designed to promote our members and riders, and can be developed further.
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Multiviewer by Action Space2020-01-22T23:47:13+00:00
11 04, 2019

ISA Title Sponsor Announced


Please find an official press release below. Please feel free to share this publicly.


The International Scooter Association (ISA) today announces that Action Space has become a title sponsor of the ISA. The 3-year deal is the biggest of its kind for the international scooter governing body and starts with immediate effect. [...]

ISA Title Sponsor Announced2020-01-22T23:50:38+00:00
9 04, 2019

Community engagement – product donations required



Dear ISA Members,

We would like to start engaging more with the scooter community and building our rider database. We will be creating a subscriber based newsletter, which will have many perks for riders. These perks include:

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Community engagement – product donations required2020-01-22T23:58:49+00:00
9 04, 2019

ISA World Scooter Championship 2019



We are pleased to announce that an agreement between the International Scooter Association and World Skate has been reached and the 2019 Barcelona WRG will host The World Skate – ISA Scooter World Championship. The WRG 2019 will also host a female only World Championship which is recognised by World Skate and the ISA. In addition to this, [...]

ISA World Scooter Championship 20192020-01-22T23:57:56+00:00
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