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A few words from Phil about the future and explaining the below (caution – 10 minutes). This is your opportunity to provide input and suggestions, which could help make changes for the future. Please note only tier 1 members have been sent document 2 – financial info.
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Why the need for change

The ISA and world championships have been hugely successful. Together, we have created a platform that’s permanently embedded within the heart of the sport. It provides an entry level for new riders starting their scooter journey and is a platform for pro riders to push the sport to the highest possible levels.

The ISA and its members wish to continue developing this platform to ensure a healthy future for the sport and riders. However, as new challenges and opportunities present themselves,  we must be in the position to be able to progress successfully. 2019 is our window of opportunity to discuss and agree on the best path forward. This will involve making improvements to the ISA, championship and addressing areas of the sport that requires focus, such as:

  • Business model and funding: Creating a sustainable business model
  • Global infrastructure: Developing national level support
  • Governance & maintaining consistent standards: Ensure consistent global standards
  • Promotion: Improve promotion
  • Memberships: Ensure value to our members and exclusive opportunities
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