If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you never know what’s around the corner. But will that stop us from looking ahead? No.

It’s crucial for the ISA to always be proactive and to keep pushing forward and making impartial decisions favouring the longevity and development of the sport. We learnt a lot from last year and head into 2021 with big plans and new exciting opportunities.

Here is a quick update and overview of things to expect this year

Stay safe and take it easy!

Phil Grice
ISA President


Can you believe it. The ISA is 10 years old having formed in 2011. The journey has been exciting and very progressive. Every year the sport has grown and most impressively, the level of scooter riding has kept getting better! To celebrate 10 years of ISA we’ll be doing some cool things throughout the year. We will keep you posted.


Covid19 is still causing havoc across the world. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccinations are being administered worldwide and we could see some level of normality in the coming months. The ISA is very optimistic that we can ensure a full season and will monitor the situation carefully. We will be working closely with our members, skateparks, event organizers and NGBs to get things going when safe to do so.

✅  Male | Female | Junior Championships
✅  All qualifiers and regionals
✅  World Final


✅  Digital live scoring and ranking: Last year we introduced improvements to our scoring system. Consequently, the functionality of these live scoring platforms opened our eyes to the capabilities of what can be done. Utilizing modern digital platforms enable us to make significant improvements to the ranking system, judging and efficiency of providing accurate and instant results. The system can also be developed to ensure that all rider categories, all disciplines, all countries NGBs and event organizers can benefit too.

✅  Judging Program: The ISA is also presently working with the industry and riders to help develop a judging program that can recognize judging standards. It is proposed that the ISA will work closely with NGBs and Skateparks to recognize a program and provide training to judges. These judges will be registered on a portal and can gain experience and certificates for the level of judging.

✅  Disciplines: This year we will be supporting all disciplines, working with key riders and the industry to develop the rule books. We envisage a world final in the future (not excluding this year) that can accommodate Park, Street, Flat and Vert. Other disciplines such as big air, downhill, dirt, snow and electric are more unique in terms of their platforms but equally, need recognition and support.

Supporting skateparks

Skateparks are the backbone of the scooter industry and without them, the sport would not be where it is today. The ISA acknowledges this and has started working even closer with skateparks. As mentioned above, the ISA and skateparks are working to develop a training program for judges. However, further to this we have started to discuss, review and develop a coaching program. The purpose is to encourage thousands of new riders into the sport and to be provided with lessons, which will include safety, etiquette and skills.

✅  Recognizing judging and coaching programs
✅  Local/National Interclub league
✅  New online portal listing skateparks
✅  Increasing participation
✅  Campaigns to promote safety and etiquette

Scooter Riding in the Olympics?

2020 saw more significant news from the IOC about their commitment to urban and youth sports. It must now be a top priority for scooters to prepare accordingly and make necessary changes to become officially recognized as a sport. The benefits to the sport, riders and the entire industry would be huge. There is no better time to make this happen.

National Governing Bodies (NGBs)

The last 10 years have certainly been about putting scooters on the map, to support riders by co-ordinating a world stage for the riders to showcase their sport. However, we have no been alone. The sport has a handful of scooter National Governing Bodies who provide a vital role in developing the sport on a national level. Furthermore, helping to protect the longevity of the sport.

2021 will see a dedicated focus on developing this infrastructure to ensure we can take scooter riding to the next level. Further details will be advised.

Be in the know

Feedback from last year is that you want to know more, have more say and for information to be available from the ISA sooner. OK, we hear you and we’re reacting. Sign up to our newsletter and recieve updates, questionnaires for you to provide input and there will be online competitions too, such as giveaways.