ISA Interview with Alexandra Madsen

ISA Vice President Terry Price recently interviewed worlds no2, Alexandra Madsen (Skull Candy / Fuzion). We prepared some questions of our own but also took questions from YOU, the viewers

This hour long interview with Alexandra Madsen covers everything from the recent sponsorship deal with Skull Candy, competing at the first ever ISA women’s world championships and how the womens side of the sport have grown massively. Terry Price asks Alexander whether she could beat the current world scooter champion, Beca Ortis and who else to look out for. Furthermore, who she believes are the top park competition scooter riders in the world right now.

Alexandra speaks about how she got into the sport and discusses favorite memories, and all the opportunities that have come about from riding a scooter. Alexandra is part of Team Napier and promotes the sport throughout New Zealand and across the world.  She even has a huge billboard with her face on it in the city. She can not wait to compete again at the worlds.

Alexandra Madsen Profile

Alexandra Madsen (NZ) has been continuously pushing the boundaries for female scooter riders around the globe. At the first ever ISA Women’s World Scooter Final hosted at the World Roller Games 2019,  Alexandra secured 2nd place closely behind Beca Ortiz. Furthermore, she remains a serious contender to become ISA Women’s World Scooter Champion one day.

Residing in New Zealand, Alexandra has been making a huge name for herself, amassing a large social media presence online, being invited to compete at the Action Space Invitational in 2019 and riding for sponsor Fuzion Scooters. With a hugely diverse bag of tricks, such as backflip barspins & nothing front scooterflips, Alexandra is a key player in the progression of female scooter riding.

ISA Interview with Alexandra Madsen


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ISA Vice President Terry Price interviews 2nd in the world female rider Alexandra Madsen on a 1hr long Instagram Livestream.

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