ISA Interview with Angus Hughes

ISA Vice President Terry Price interviews Australian Champion Angus Hughes (Apex / Oath).


Over the last couple of years Angus Hughes has progressed to the highest level on the world scooter stage and it’s been no fluke either. He has won the NSW State Titles twice in a row in U16. In 2018, Angus placed second at the ASA National and Australasian Scooter Championship.  However, he has continued to push his level of riding and in 2019 won the ASA national and Australasian Scooter Champion. Today, Angus is ranked no4 in the ISA world rankings and has the hunger to keep pushing. Will he be the first Australian rider to win the ISA World Scooter Championship? There is every chance he could do it!

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ISA Vice President Terry Price interviews ISA Australasian Champion Angus Hughes on a 1hr long Instagram Livestream.

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