ISA Interview with Beca Ortiz

ISA Vice President Terry Price recently interviewed the current (female) world sooter champion, Beca Ortiz. We prepared some questions of our own but also took questions from YOU, the viewers.

This hour long interview covers the current female world scooter champions journey of competitive park competition scooter riding. Beca Ortiz will forever be known for the first ever female world scooter champion. An inspiration to thousands of female riders. We discover her feelings on winning the world scooter championship and how life has changed.

Terry and Beca chat about how scooter riding is developing as a sport and how more female riders are getting involved. Beca chats about the prize money at the world finals and how she was pleasantly surprised that the amount was the same as the male riders. Furthermore, how much fun it was to meet other girl riders from around the world.

Discussing the ISA world scooter championship, Beca reaches out to female riders worldwide advising why more and more girls should get involved in scooter riding. The sport needs more riders to develop the same championship structure as the male riders but that is only possible with more girl scooter riders. Beca speaks about rival girl riders and who to watch out for.

Get to know Beca Ortiz in this hour long interview with Terry Price.

Beca Ortiz Profile

An international pro scooter rider who is setting the bar for all female riders worldwide. Beca (USA) won the ISA world scooter championship hosted at the World Roller Games to become the first ever female world scooter champion. Beca has an extremely promising future in the sport, is focused on pushing the limits and winning more titles for years to come.

A huge inspiration to women scooter riders around the world, Beca has helped put women scooter riding on the international map and is inspiring more girls to get involved in the sport. Hoping to win another world championship title in 2020, Beca will be pushed by close rivals Alexander Madsen (Fuzion) and Bianca Dilworth (Apex).

Beca Ortis ISA World Scooter Champion