ISA Interview with Benj Friant

Watch ISA Vice President Terry Price interview Swiss YouTuber Benj Friant where we took questions from YOU the viewers too.

This hour long interview with Benj Friant discusses tricks, the snow scoot and his long career in the sport. Benj provides advice to scooter riders looking to progress in the sport. “Find your own way and be original. There are a lot of things to create and do” he says. Terry Price asks Benj about the world championships as Benj was at the very first world scooter champion and has attended every other in some shape or form (announcer, judging etc).

Benj speaks brands and sponsorship, and gives a good insight from both a rider and brand perspective. Benj chats about the snow scoot, how easy it is to ride and that we should have a championship for snow scooters oneday.


Benj Friant is an OG of the sport and has been influential in the evolution of the scooters since the very early days. A carefree and fun attitude has made Benj a very popular rider within the sport. Benj competed in competitions in the early days and also attended the ISA World Scooter Championships in 2012, he had a very special bespoke scooter for the occasion. However, it wasn’t the competition riding path which took Benj to where he is today.

Residing in Switzerland, Benj has been making a huge name for himself showing his creative side through youtube and social media. He is someone who is involved in multiple projects and events. Benj has a very talented innovative side which has seen him design scooters, including the snow scooter. Furthermore, he has created the Freestyle Scooter Academy to help new riders into the sport and is a huge help to the ISA.

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ISA Vice President Terry Price interviews Swiss YouTuber Benj Friant on a 1hr long Instagram Livestream.

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