ISA Interview with Chris Farris

Watch ISA Vice President Terry Price interview North American Champion & 2nd place ISA World Finalist Chris Farris (Madd Gear)

This hour long interview covers Chris Farris’s rise to the top level, his dedication to the sport and the pressures that face pro riders. Chris discusses the World Scooter Championship and in particular his views on the judging. He discuss the womens scooter championship final and the Action Space Invitational too. Find out what he’s doing with that $20,000 prize money and his plans for the future. Terry asks Chris about any rivalry in the sport and his views on taking on JonMarco Gaydo for the World Title.

Chris discusses the Farriswheel and how he developed this trick. Check out this interview.


When we ask the question “who is going to win the ISA world scooter championship” there is always a handful of names that get mentioned. Chris Farris is one of those riders! Chris is one of the best park scooter riders in the world today and a serious contender for a world championship title. He is the currently the North Amercian Scooter Champion and ranked no2 in the world. Furthermore, last year he won the Action Space Invitational and pocketed a nice $20,000.

Part of the North American qualifying team and representing the US, Chris is consistently a strong rider, very professional and focused. His commitment to pushing the sport to new levels is second to none and he has many exciting years ahead of him. He will be looking to take on and beat the present world scooter champion, JonMarco Gaydos this year and also the likes of 3 x world champion, Jordan Clark and other top international pro riders. Very exciting times for the sport.

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