ISA Interview with Dante Hutchinson

ISA Vice President Terry Price interviewed 2017 ISA World Champion Dante Hutchinson. Unfortunately due to a technical glitch with Instagram, the video did not save and can no longer be viewed. We appologise for any inconvenience and will do more with Dante in the future.

Dante Hutchinson Profile

From a young age Dante Hutchinson stood out from the crowd. He showed unique creativity and was doing things that much older riders weren’t even considering. At that time he was part of the new generation of up and coming riders and showed signs that he could be a future world champion. Fast forward a few years to the ISA world scooter championship hosted at Extreme Barcelona 2017 and that is exactly what happened. Dante became a world scooter champion!

Dante has also won multiple titles such as the UK Championships 4 times. He takes part in all the big events too, such as Nitro and FISE. However, Dante is not just a park and big air rider, he is also a respected street rider. He continues to evolve, is a great personality within the sport and a world class rider.

Beca Ortis ISA World Scooter Champion