ISA Interview with Jamie Hull

ISA Vice President Terry Price recently interviewed European Scooter Champion, Jamie Hull (Apex / Oath). We prepared some questions of our own but also took questions from YOU, the viewers.

This hour long interview with Jamie Hull covers everything from sponsorship, doing triple flips to what it would take to potentially win the ISA world scooter championships. Terry Price asks Jamie whether he could beat the current world scooter champion, JonMarco Gaydos. Futhermore, who he believes are the top 3 park competition scooter riders in the world right now (other than himself).

Jamie discusses a recent trip to the US for Nitro Games, which unfortunately was cancelled due to the coronavirus. He discusses what he’s been up to and what he has planned for the future. Terry and Jamie discuss what it takes to stand out from the crowd and be seen as one of the best riders in the world. They also discuss the womens world scooter championship and how that is a positive development for the sport.

Jamie even has that famous mohawk helmet with him too. Check it out in this interview.

Jamie Hull Profile

If there was ever an example of a rider who has put in the time and dedication to get competition experience to become a world class rider, then Jamie Hull is a prime example. He was once recognised as the little kid with a mohawk style helmet. However, today he is the current European scooter champion with the world champion title within his grasp. Jamie has been relentless in his pursuit of reaching the pinnacle of the sport. Travelling the world competing in scooter competitions, gaining lots of competition experience and developing his skills.

Jamie is ranked no8 in the world and at the age of just 18 he has an exciting future ahead of him.

Beca Ortis ISA World Scooter Champion