ISA Interview with Jon Reyes

ISA Vice President Terry Price interviews YouTuber & Flatland Innovator Jon Reyes (Envy / Blunt). Taking questions from YOU the viewers too.


Jon Reyes is considered as the “Flatland Innovator” known for almost single handedly promoting & progressing the discipline of flatland scooter riding. His commitment to creating a new discipline within scooter riding has led to more & more riders around the world following the trend. Based out of New York, Jon is consistently seen riding flatland in front of the most iconic landmarks NYC has to offer & he has amassed a huge following on his social channels by doing so.

He has gained a big presence on YouTube nowadays, where he has over 300,000 subscribers – this not only promotes the discipline of flatland scooter riding, but the sport of scooter riding itself. We delve into what the ISA can & should do to help progress this unique discipline & how far can the progression of flatland go, with Jon seamlessly releasing world first after world first on a regular basis.

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ISA Vice President Terry Price interviews Flatland scooter Innovator & YouTuber Jon Reyes on a 1hr long Instagram Livestream.

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Jon Reyes