ISA Interview with JonMarco Gaydos

ISA Vice President Terry Price recently interviewed the current (male) world sooter champion, JonMarco Gaydos (Lucky Scooters). We prepared some questions of our own but also took questions from YOU, the viewers.

This hour long interview covers the current world scooter champions journey of competitive park competition riding and how he made it to the top from such a young age. JonMarco Gaydos is only 17 but has been riding at the highest level for what seems like a decade! He has an exciting future ahead of him and in a time where scooter riding is fast becoming one of the most popular wheeled action sports in the world.

Terry and JonMarco chat about what he’s been up to in lockdown and what he has planned next, as well as discussing that massive skatepark he has in his backyard. JonMarco chats about how he got into scooter riding and who he also considers to be among the best riders in the world right now. Furthermore, how everyone has their own uniqueness and how the sport is so diverse.

Discussing the ISA world scooter championship, JonMarco says that the championship structure makes it super competitive and challenging. If you have a bad day it could all be over! Winning the world scooter championship was the best day of his life! Does he think he can win more….??

Get to know JonMarco Gaydos in this hour long interview with Terry Price.

JonMarco Gaydos Profile

JonMarco Gaydos has been competing on the world stage from a very young age and is the next generation of pro riders. His rapid progression in the world scooter championship has seen JonMarco continue to improve his ranking each year. He came 7th in 2017 and 4th in 2018 both hosted at Extreme Barcelona.  In 2019 he spectatually won the world scooter championship hosted at the World Roller Games.

With many years ahead of him, JonMarco has an extremely promising future. He could become a multiple world scooter champion following in the footsteps of 3x world champions Jordan Clark and Dakota Schuetz. However, that won’t be easy with Jordan Clark, Chris Farris and other world class riders putting the pressure on. Follow JonMarco’s scooter journey on Instagram

JonMarco Gaydos