ISA Interview with Raymond Warner

ISA Vice President Terry Price recently interviewed scooter legend and youtuber, Raymond Warner (Envy Scooters). We prepared some questions of our own but also took questions from YOU, the viewers.

Raymond Warner discusses what it took to grow his youtube channel. How sometimes it felt like the channel just wasn’t growing at all but then one video could go off and overnight the channel grows. Raymond lets Terry know what his biggest video was and advises the scooter community with some tips.

Did you know that Raymond Warner won the first ever US scooter championship and attended the first ever world scooter championship in 2012. Terry and Raymond chat about those events and his involvement in scooter competitions, which includes the vert comp at Woodward last year. Terry advises about the ISA developing other disciplines such as vert. The interview also covers some of Raymonds world firsts, the most popoular being the Buttercup. Raymond lets us know why that was named Buttercup.

Raymond has recently purchased a house and his dream sports car due to the success he has made from scooters. He intends to keep pushing and has lot’s of projects on the go and an exciting future ahead. Terry and Raymond discuss the importance of scooter riders having successful careers in the sport and being influencers to the new generation of riders. Furthermore, they discuss scooters, parts, safety and so much more!

Get to know Raymond Warner in this hour long interview with Terry Price.

Raymond Warner Profile

Raymond Warner has been competing in park competitions for years and is a legend within the sport. He took part in the first ever US Scooter Championship (now the North American Championship) and became the first ever US scooter champion. Raymond also took part in the sports first ever world scooter championship, reaching the final and ranking 14th in the world that year.

Today, Raymond still rides and is a huge part of the sport. A Youtube sensation with over 1million subscribers, Raymond is a huge influencer and is the perfect role model. He is helping to develop the sport, attracting a new generation of young scooter riders and supporting the grassroots.

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