ISA Interview with Ryan Williams

ISA Vice President Terry Price recently interviewed three times X-games world champion and Nitro Circus superstar, Ryan Williams. We prepared some questions of our own but also took questions from YOU, the viewers.

This hour long interview with Ryan Williams covers his early days as a competitive park competition rider and being a part of the first ever world scooter championship. Ryan talks about the career path he took and how he got involved with Nitro Circus. He also discusses what the athletes on Nitro were saying about the ISA and progression of the sport. You’ll be as stoked as we were to hear what he had to say!

Terry and Ryan chat about the world’s first double front flip and what world firsts he has planned next, as well as Rwilly land and the future. Ryan is in this for the long haul and discusses how he is looking after his body and why he thinks rider education is important too.

We even get to hear about what Ryan loves outside of scooters and BMX. Did you know his favourite UFC fighter is Max Holoway.

Get to know Ryan Williams in this hour long interview with Terry Price.

Ryan Williams Profile

Here is a quick summary

If anyone says you can’t achieve or become anything from scooter riding, then Ryan Williams is living proof that you can. Today, Ryan is one of the biggest names in action sports and it all started from scooter riding! A popular world class park scooter rider who reached the world scooter championship in 2012. Ryan didn’t win the world title but will forever be remembered for spectacularly taking gold in the best trick competition. Ryan has always been a crowd pleaser and was destined for big things in the best trick and big air type events.

Ryan has spent the following 9 years becoming action sports biggest star, riding both scooter and BMX. He has won the XGames championship three times on a BMX, proving scooter riding is also a gateway to other sports. Furthermore, Ryan is a super star on the Nitro Circus tour and has won the Nitro Games on a scooter multiple times.  However, his heart and love for scooter riding is very much part of who Ryan Williams is.

Ryan Williams