ISA World Scooter Championship 2019/20 Cancelled

With the continued health and safety concerns caused by COVID19, the International Scooter Association (ISA) has taken the decision to cancel the 2019/2020 ISA championship season.

The decision comes after various consultations with our members, partners, national associations and competition organisers, who share overwhelming concerns about the safety of the riders and scooter community. Additionally, the championships which consist of 27 qualifying events, 3 regional finals and a world championship final could not be guaranteed due to the ongoing challenges such as international travel and government sanctions.

In relation specifically to the World Scooter Championship Finals. In December 2019, the ISA announced that ACTION SPACE would host the ISA World Championship finals in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Furthermore, we announced that the 2020 world finals would be held in the Copper Box Olympic Arena, on July 18 and 19. Subsequently, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced ACTION SPACE to terminate this agreement. However, ACTION SPACE is keen to support various action sports, including scootering and therefore ACTION SPACE will remain a title sponsor, thus supporting the ISA in selecting a new host for future world championship finals.

The ISA is now focused on delivering a world-class scooter championship for 2021. It is too soon to advise about 2021, but we will keep the sport posted.

Scooter Riding is a young dynamic sport and is very resilient. It continues to grow and has many very exciting years ahead. The ISA is 100% committed in doing everything possible to legitimise scooter riding as a sport and to keep pushing forward.

Phil Grice, President of the ISA: We are very disappointed that we are unable to continue the Scooter Championships this year. We have done everything possible to keep going but COVID-19 still provides a serious threat to us all. However, times like this unite the sport and create new opportunities to strengthen. There is so much positive work happening behind the scenes. Together we’ll tackle the challenges facing the entire scooter community and come back stronger than ever! For now keep safe.


As the championship has been cancelled this means that there won’t be any regional and world finals this year. Therefore, all previous results are now void and any qualified riders will not be counted or carried forward into next season. The ISA needs to ensure that the 2021 season starts with a fair playing field. Furthermore, there are many logistical, legal and financial matters to consider and starting from fresh in 2021 is the most practical solution.

The ISA is deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused. We have all been impacted by COVID-19.