Grow the entire sport

Working together to ensure scooter riding becomes the biggest wheeled sport in the world.

Support the riders

Creating a world stage for riders to develop their skills and showcase their sport.


Benefit from marketing opportunities in return for supporting the sport.


There are currently 2 membership packages. Tier 1, which is aimed at international brands and Tier 2, which is aimed at national level or smaller brands. Contact us today and we will send you a membership pack. The marketing package for our 2020 members has been super charged!



ISA live scoring

The membership fee creates an important revenue stream for the ISA, which allows the sport to have a dedicated international scooter governing body. The fee covers the associations running costs, as well as supports the ISA board who relentlessly undertake the daily tasks required to develop the sport. This includes co-ordinating the championships, managing industry requests and complaints, developing the standards, promoting the sport and creating opportunities.

The ISA creates an equal playing field for the entire scooter industry. Together the sport is able to provide riders with a world stage that helps them push the limits and showcase their sport to the world. We are able to do this to the highest standard and with safety as the highest priority.

Huge opportunities continue to arise for the sport and riders, and together we’re able to keep progressing as a young dynamic sport. Quite possibly the fastest growing wheeled sport in the world.

Apart from being actively involved in helping the ISA develop a sustainable future for the sport, there are huge marketing benefits for our members.

12 months from the date of invoice.

We have many objectives but to keep it simple

  • Increase partisipation
  • Develop a global infrastucture which support the sport on national and local levels
  • To become recognised as a legitimate sport (and the worlds biggest wheeled sport)

We have designed a tier system so that memberships are impartial. All members have the same opportunities depending on which tier they choose.

The ISA tries to host 2 meetings a year and provides lots of communication throughout the year. Members have the opportunity to discuss key matters and together we create clear actions on how to progress. Our voting system is generally a show of hands at meetings or content via email. However, we are evolving and will have a new voting system in place for 2020. We have a majority rule system is in place. An member can also contact the ISA board at anytime to discuss any matters or to provide any suggestions or input.

No. Based on the low cost of the membership it would not be possible to include our members branding at every event. However, our members branding is included online and on certain event material. Furthermore, our members get exclusive sponsorship opportunities at the world championship. No business from within the scooter industry will be able to sponsor the world final without a membership.

We communincate with our members via the members only area. We provide blog posts with the latest news and there is a portal where information can be downloaded, such as a championship competition spreadsheet and contact information. Furthermore, ISA members are advised about things as its being developed. This means a member at any point can provide input, make a suggestion and raise concern on certain matters.

Here you go – CLICK HERE. If you need any more information then get intouch.