Olympic Games Continues To Support Youth and Urban Sports

Even though the number of sports at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games has been reduced from 339 to 329 sports, the youth and urban sport concept have been expanded. Skateboarding, Breaking, Surfing and Climbing have all been confirmed. This is welcoming news for action sports and the scooter industry.

IOC Olympic Games – Events and youth-focused approach

In the post-COVID-19 world, the overall number of events will be reduced from 339 to 329 compared to Tokyo 2020. Only four sports proposed by the Paris 2024 Organising Committee have been confirmed and these include skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing, and breaking, which will make its Olympic debut, building on the success of the sport at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018. The urban sport concept has been expanded, which is hugely important for showcasing youth-focused events practiced outside conventional arenas. IOC press release – Click Here.

So what does Skateboarding in the Olympics mean for Scooters?

This news should be seen positively across the scooter industry and all of the action sports. The continued support and commitment shown for youth and urban sports by the IOC demonstrate an exciting vision of the Olympic Games. If the objective of the IOC is to involve more young people and culture, then scooter riding is a gateway for millions of young people into sport.

Can scooter riding become an Olympic sport?

You can never underestimate the scooter community. It is young, dynamic, resilient, and has been fuelled on being told it would never take off. However, look at where it is today! So yes, it is 100% possible and we will not stop pushing until we get there. The objective of the scooter industry is to be in a position to be considered for the LA 2028 Olympics Games.

The news of skateboarding being accepted into the Paris 2024 Olympics ignites the dreams of many scooter riders hoping to see their sport follow the same path.

Why is the Olympic Games important?

The impact the Olympic Games would have on the sport, industry and the riders would be huge. Scooter riding is already one of the biggest wheeled action sports in the world for young people and has re-energized the action sports industry, events and skateparks over recent years. The sport has huge potential and needs to be recognized by a mainstream audience worldwide.

Every young person and parent needs to be aware of how to get involved in the sport. The world needs to see the positive values that scooter riding has on young people’s lives, such as healthy living, social inclusion, building confidence and learning new skills.

The next chapter in the history of scooter riding, as a sport, is one of the most important and exciting yet. To be continued!

Phil Grice – President: The commitment to youth sports by the IOC and the inclusion of skateboarding is very exciting news. It demonstrates that action sports are part of the future and play an important role in getting more young people active. The future for scooter riders and the development of the sport is heading into a new chapter. We look forward in supporting scooter riders so they have the platforms to showcase this amazing sport to the world and inspire millions of others to get involved. There are new opportunities ahead for the entire sport to benefit from.

Terry Price – Vice President: I’ve been riding scooters since the start (1999) and since day one the dream has been to put scooters in front of a bigger audience. We all know how magnificent this sport is in so many ways, getting into the Olympics would allow us to share our awesome sport with a much wider audience, as well as open up income streams for even more professional riders to be financially supported to do this amazing sport as an actual job. I fully support the commitment to get scooter riding into the 2028 Olympics and I believe the rest of the scooter community shares that view too.