Working together to get more riders on to scooters and into skateparks


It is important that the ISA is able to generate funds and invest into projects that support the growth of the sport. The membership fee has been set at just £25 for 2020. This is to ensure that the ISA can unite skateparks and work with as many skateparks worldwide as possible. Together, we can then develop the membership accordingly and set out what 2021 and the future may look like.

THINGS WE CAN WORK ON TOGETHER: We have some plans and ideas, which we would like to work with skateparks on. Funds generated from this would be used to invest into projects that get more riders into skateparks, in particular supporting new beginner and women riders. The ISA and skateparks could also decide to develop schemes that support those less fortunate and who don’t have the same opportunity as others. It is our mission to improve the accessibility of the sport regardless of gender, background, religion or ability. Furthermore, to educate new riders on skatepark etiquette and safety.

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ISA skatepark members play a vital role in developing a platform for the riders. Together the ISA and skatepark will create campaigns designed to increase participation at skateparks, encourage new riders to get lessons and to tackle important matters such as skatepark etiquette, safety, bully and drug abuse.

Help the ISA legitimize the sport and develop a world stage for the riders to promote, inspire and showcase their sport. Join us today!!


$$25for 2020
  • Work with the ISA to get more riders into skateparks
  • Annual fundraiser project
  • Free listing on ‘Let’s Go Scoot’ app – exclusive member benefits
  • Use of ISA members logo*
  • Involvement in ISA campaigns, promotions and fundraisers to support skatepark members
  • Invite to ISA meetings and votes
  • Updates on the sport and regular communication
  • Industry networking and support opportunities


ISA live scoring

The objective of creating a skatepark membership is to create an alliance with skateparks worldwide, to tackle scooter related challenges together and seek new opportunities to help develop the sport and skateparks. There are a number of benefits. However, this is ongoing so at any point you can make suggestions to the ISA on how we can provide even more value.

The ISA creates an equal playing field for the entire scooter industry. Together the sport is able to provide riders with a world stage that helps them push the limits and showcase their sport to the world. We are able to do this to the highest standard and with safety as the highest priority.

Huge opportunities continue to arise for the sport and riders, and together we’re able to keep progressing as a young dynamic sport. Quite possibly the fastest growing wheeled sport in the world.

Apart from being actively involved in helping the ISA develop a sustainable future for the sport, there are huge marketing benefits for our members. These are listed on the relevant membership pages or available upon request.

Normally 12 months from the date of confirmation or as per the website

We have many objectives but to keep it simple

  • Safety
  • Increase partisipation
  • Support the riders so that they can showcase their sport to the world
  • Develop a global infrastucture which supports the sport on national and local levels
  • To become recognised as a legitimate sport (and the worlds biggest wheeled sport)

We have designed a tier system so that memberships are bespoke depending on the membership type. All members have the same opportunities depending on which tier they choose. The ISA is impartial and will not be biased towards any member or rider.

Yes. However, subject to terms and conditions, and it depends whether the vote is a general vote or specific for the membership type.

The ISA tries to host 2 meetings a year and provides lots of communication throughout the year. Members have the opportunity to discuss key matters and together we create clear actions on how to progress. We do have a voting system with a majority rule system is in place. There are different types of votes as not all will be applicable. A member can also contact the ISA board at anytime to discuss any matters or to provide any suggestions or input.

The ISA board will announce votes and all members will be advised.

Yes. We must uphold high standards so the ISA have created some terms and conditions. The ISA is only interested in working and supporting those that value rider safety, wish to improve and develop the sport and can conduct their business and activity in a professional manor.

As an ISA member you will help us create and develop rules and regulations, standards and new terms and conditions. It is the ISA members and board of directors who have discussed and agreed on things such as a members code of conduct and sanctioning conditions for members. You can find more information here – terms.