The International Scooter Association (ISA) was established at a time when there were no official rules or safety governing scooter competitions or activity. Events were limited and often thrown together at short notice or with little promotion. There was a growing scene but no official scooter championship or international platform for riders to compete on. Therefore, the scooter industry decided that a governing body was essential in legitimising scooter riding as a sport and the ISA was established in 2011.

Consequently, the sports first ever world scooter championship happened in 2012. This created an equal playing field for the entire scooter industry and provided riders with a world stage to showcase their sport to the world. This was a major turning point for scooter riding and the following years would put scooters on the action sports map.

As scooter riding has evolved over the years and continued to get even more popular among young people, the ISA has continued developing, promoting and legitimizing the sport from grassroots to international pro level. Today, scooter riding is probably the most popular wheeled sport at skateparks for young people.

The ISA is responsible for coordinating, developing and governing the official world scooter championships across all disciplines for freestyle scooter riding. The association is constantly creating new partnerships, campaigns and promotions to elevate scooter riding and legitimize the sport worldwide. This is only made possible through the constant support from the scooter industry, community and partners.