The sports official world scooter championship for park riders

World Park Scooter Championship

The world park scooter championships were established in 2012 by the International Scooter Association (ISA). The championship has an international qualification system, rules and regulations, all of which are governed by the ISA. The scooter championships provide park riders with a world stage to push the level of park scooter riding and to showcase their sport to the world.

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The ISA aims to:

  • Promote the interests and safety of riders at all levels
  • Establish rules, judging criteria, point scoring, standards and rankings
  • Set competition formats & point systems for conducting international scooter contests
  • Co-ordinate National and International activities and contests.
  • Legitimize freestyle scooter riding to become recognized as an official sport
  • Promote the values of good sportsmanship.
  • Promote all aspects of the sport, improving cultural and sporting contacts between the
    scooter communities.
  • Work towards the inclusion of Scooter riding into multi-sports events.

A competition and/or riders may be removed from the ISA championship or have action taken against them for compromising safety.

1. Riders must wear a fastened helmet (certified recommended), appropriate shoes, clothing and have an undamaged scooter. The ISA has a strict “No helmet NO riding” policy.
2. An appropriate first aider / medical staff must be onsite at all times. Make sure you know where and who they are.
3. All accidents are recorded and reported to the ISA or national association. If you are injured please stop riding and report to medical staff.
4. A rider is responsible for their health and can only ride if they are fit and well. Any rider that is coming back from a known injury may be asked by the organizer to produce a doctor’s note proving they are medically fit to compete.
5. All riders must be aware and understand the skatepark rules and safety measures.
6. The organizer must do a risk assessment or ensure the skatepark has one. However, if a riders notices any dangers then they are to stop riding and report to an official.
7. It’s the competition organizers responsibility to have initiatives for continuous safety improvements, adding additional measures where appropriate and ensuring safety is never compromised. If you feel the skatepark is unsafe then please stop riding and advise an official.
8. The competition organizer will conform to the safety standards of the skatepark or venue, and that of any national law.
9. If a rider feels they are being placed in danger then they should not ride and are to report the matter to the organiser. The ISA is not a competition organiser and therefore it’s the competition organizers responsibility to be reactive to any concerns towards a rider’s safety.
10. Riders are never to ride beyond their limitation. If an organizer or an ISA official feels a rider is not pro level they should be removed from the competition.
11. Riders are to abide the ISA rules and ride on good condition, non-faulty stunt scooter.
12. Riders are to complete a competition waiver release form stating they understand the rules, code of conduct and dangers of competing.
13. A competition organizer will not tolerate abusive, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour from anyone.
14. Riders will not ride under the consumption of illegal substances, drugs/narcotics, alcohol or ANY substance which may affect a riders ablity.

Park Discipline

Park scooter riding encompasses a variety of styles adopted by those who ride in purpose-built skate parks.

The world (park) scooter championship is dedicated to the park riders. All competitions within the championships are hosted at skateparks (or at action sport events) suited to park riders. Skateparks will have a varity of rails and ramps.


Please note that the below structure relates to pro male riders only. Due to the lower number of women participants, women riders will be able to qualify via the Regional Championships, where a qualification competition for the world finals will be hosted.

Qualifing events

  • The ISA Championship is split into 3 regions; Europe, North America and Australasia.
  • Each region has 6 qualifying events.
  • The winner of each qualifying event receives a Golden Ticket which grants them a place in the world final.
  • The next 8 riders from each qualifying event (places 2nd – 10th) secure a place in the regional final

Please note the Austrasian Championship differs slightly. See details below.


Regional Final

  • Regional final has 50 riders based those whom have qualified from the regional qualifiers.
  • The top 8 riders from the regional final go through to the world final. They join the 6 Golden Ticket riders, meaning there are 14 riders from each region in the world final.

World Final

  • All the riders who qualified from the regional championships.
  • Other additional places in the world final are reserved for Wildcards. These are given out for special reasons, for example, the current world champion receives one or the ISA has provided to competitions outside of the championship structure, this is know as a wild card comp. The ISA also have the right to assign a wild card to a rider for justified reason, such as injury or illness resulting in a rider not being able to compete within the regional scooter championships.


World Park Scooter Championships

Please note: The qualification process in Australasia is slightly different. There are no Golden Tickets available at Regional Qualifiers, instead, all 14 World Final places are available in the Regional Final. For more information on the Australasian qualification process please visit the ASA website.

World Park Scooter Championships

  • A minimum of 3 judges are required for regional qualifiers unless otherwise stated by the
    organizer (who may adopt for a 5 judging panel).
  • A 5 judging panel is compulsory for the regional and world finals.
  • When running a 5 judge panel only the 3 middle scores are calculated meaning the highest
    and lowest scores are dropped from the overall calculation.
  • Judges scores are marked from 1 to 100 based upon the ISA judging criteria.

Judges will be looking at:

  • The difficulty of tricks
  • Diversity of the run – showing a variety of tricks and using the park to its full capability with varied or original lines.
  • Consistency – points are deducted for crashes, foot slips and sketchy lands.
  • Style – Landing cleanly, riding confidently, making tricks look easy and effortless and showing originality.

Regional Qualifier

  • Each rider has 2 x individually timed runs. The competition organizer will decide a timelimit between 45 to 90 seconds – depending on the size or layout of the skatepark moreor less time may be appropriate. All riders have the same time and the organizer willannounce this prior to the competition starting.
  • All riders wishing to compete must have completed their 1st run before the 2nd runsbegin.
  • The riders best score of the 2 runs will decide their final position. Should 2 or more ridershave the same score then their 2nd run will determine which rider is placed higher.
  • If a competition wishes to run a final heat of 1 or 2 runs then it must first be approved bythe ISA.
  • If a rider has qualified but is unable to attend the Regional Final then their place will becascaded down to the next eligible rider. If an eligible rider cannot be found within the top 75% of competitors then ISA reserves the right to find an eligible rider from adifferent qualifying event to ensure a high level of competition is maintained.

Regional Final

  • Follows the same format as a regional qualifier, with each rider having two runs with theirbest score determining their rank.
  • The top 15 from the elimination round will go into a final.
  • The final will start with the rider who qualified with the lowest score going first.
  • A rider will be given a maximum of 2 runs in the final. The organizer may opt for only 1final run, but will be required to advise all riders prior to the final beginning.
  • The top 8 will secure a place in the world championship. If a rider has already qualified,or is unable to attend the world final, then the place will be cascaded down to the nextrider. If an eligible rider cannot be found within the top 75% of competitors then ISAreserves the right to remove or convert this place into Wildcard.

World Final

  • Has the same format as regional final, with the process being broken up into two sections – an elimination round and a final

Only a stunt scooter which adheres to the following guidelines can be used in an ISA recognised competition:

  1. Only non-electrical push scooters are permitted
  2. No foldable mechanism
  3. No toy scooters
  4. No dirt scooters or scooters with more than 2 wheels
  5. Wheels are no greater than 135mm in size
  6. Scooters must be in good working order (a rider will not be given additional time if their scooter breaks)

“Professional Rider” refers to riders that get paid in money to perform their sport on a daily basis, or get paid to compete, or receive money to represent one or more brands, or riders that participate in competitions that include prize money.

  • A professional rider has a responsibility to lead by example, understand the competition rules and promote safety standard;
  • Respect the integrity and personality of the individual athlete, whether its within or outside the Sponsee’s own industry;
  • Treat each athlete as an individual;
  • Respect the fundamental rights, dignity, and worth of athletes and their family members, other coaches, officials, volunteers, administrators, and spectators;
  • Do not exploit athletes or others over whom one has supervisory, evaluative, or other authority;
  • Develop fair, unprejudiced relationships with all athletes;
  • Strongly discourage booing and other discourteous conduct;
  • Never criticize or verbally abuse any athletes or their family members, other coaches, officials, volunteers, administrators, or spectators publicly or on blogs, websites, social media or anywhere else;
  • Never yell at or ridicule athletes for making mistakes or for losing a competition;
  • Make reasonable efforts to avoid conduct that is personally demeaning to athletes or others;
  • Avoid swearing and the use of abusive language and irresponsible behavior, including behavior that is dangerous to oneself or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse; and
  • Never engage in inappropriate or illegal behavior, such as but not limited to the consumption of illegal substances, such drugs/narcotics.

A full PDF of the International Scooter Associations rules and regulation can be found here:

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World Park Scooter Championships
World Park Scooter Championships


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World Park Scooter Championships
world park scooter championships

Structure Overview

Please note the 2020 Australasian Championship differs slightly to other regions. The female championship also differs from the male championship.