9th Official World Scooter Championship

The ISA is pleased to announce that the 9th Official World Scooter Championship is happening!

The world scooter championships were first launched in 2012 by the International Scooter Association. Since then the scooter championship has produced approximately 200 scooter events and witnessed thousands of scooter riders competing around the world. The dedicated scooter world stage will once again bring together the world’s best scooter riders to push the limits and showcase this amazing sport to the world.

Due to covid, the ISA has made some essential changes to the structure for 2021 but is excited to announce it is back.

The ISA can confirm that:

  • There will be 3 regional qualifier
  • These events will be hosted in Australasia, Europe, and North America
  • The events will support Junior, Pro Male and Pro Female rider categories
  • An ISA world championship final will be hosted in a country that has not yet hosted the world championships before
  • The events will happen between September and December

Further details will be provided in the coming days.