The ISA was created in 2011 to develop standards, rules, regulations and qualification structures to legitimize scooter riding as a sport. Prior to the ISA there was no officially recognised world scooter championship as there was no international governing body. The ISA was formed for this very reason, to become an impartial organization which would create the sports official world stage for pro riders to showcase their sport to millions worldwide.


The first ever official world scooter championship was held at Evolution Extreme, Deeside, Wales in 2012. The event was hosted to a footfall of approximately 500 people and live streamed to around 30,000 people worldwide. The world’s top 50 pro riders were brought together for the first time through a series of ISA qualifying competitions hosted around the world. This was a major turning point for scooter riding, which would help elevate the sport to the levels seen today.

The sport’s first world scooter champion was Dakota Schuetz (Kota).


Today, the ISA world scooter championship is embedded in the heart of the sport and has produced multiple world scooter champions. The world finals are hosted at big events with large crowds, international TV exposure and bespoke skateparks for riders to perform on. The championship is an official world stage for pro riders to showcase their skills and scooter riding to millions worldwide.

The ISA is committed to developing world scooter championships for all disciplines including park, street, flat, big air, vert and more. To do this the ISA works closely with the scooter industry, action sports, event organisers and the media. The world scooter championship provides stability, creates opportunity, promotion and unites the sport worldwide.

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